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Succession Plan: According to industry statistics, an estimated 25% of all privately held companies are for sale at any given time. The reasons vary from retirement to boredom. Of all the businesses for sale, only 25-30% actually sell. The reason is that most owners fail to understand the complexity of the sale of perhaps the true market value of their largest asset: their business.

Tom Franceski and his two partners built DocStar up to 45 employees when they decided to shop the business to some private equity (PE) investors. The PE guys offered four to six times Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA), which Franceski deemed low for a fast-growing software company.

In fact, we identified that they could get at least two times revenue for the business, which they knew they could get when Epicor, a strategic buyer, was introduced.

The Strategic vs. The Financial Buyer


Just some of the people our people have been working with or for on sustaining succession success…

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Do you let the company ‘own’ you, or is it working to provide for your future? While most owners would like to believe that it will provide for the future, the majority don’t have the time to successfully plan for succession / exit strategy. We endeavour to provide professional service Australia-wide, please contact one of our Sydney or Perth business valuations offices to discuss how Calder can help.

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